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Title Date of Arrival Culture Related Ship Accession Number Language More Information
Immigration story of Clive Bebbington (English Immigrant) English S2016.148.1 English

Clive describes the extent of the bombing damage in Britain a full decade after the end of the war.

Immigration story of Charles William (Bill) Chitty (English Immigrant) British S2016.439.1 English

Recipient of the following awards: the France & Germany Star, the Defense Medal, the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp, the War Medal 1939-1945, and the Keeper of the Gates award from the city of Gananoque, Ontario.

Immigration Story of Cecil Harrison (Scottish Immigrant) Scottish S2016.230.1 English
Immigration story of Beverly Oster (nee Sadler) (British/Canadian Immigrant) Canadian S2017.294.1 English
Immigration story of Betty Emm (Dutch immigrant) Dutch S2016.353.1 English

This story was shared with the Museum by Betty Emm January 19, 2016.

Immigration story of Bente Willis (Danish immigrant) Danish S2016.239.1 English
Immigration story of Beatrice Nzigire (Congolese immigrant) Congolese S2016.241.1 English

The Welcome Home to Canada program provides paid work experience to new immigrants who are facing barriers to employment. Participants are employed at the Museum for six months.

Immigration Story of Babs Walker (English Immigrant) British S2016.437.1 English
Immigration story of Astrid Buss-Adams (German Immigrant) German S2016.372.1 English