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Title Date of Arrival Culture Related Ship Accession Number Language More Information
Immigration Story of the West Family (Scottish Immigrants) Scottish S2017.269.1 English
Immigration Story of the Dillissen Family (Dutch Immigrants) Dutch S2016.201.1 English
Immigration story of the Barbieri family (Italian immigrants) Italian S2017.192.1 English
Immigration story of Tena Spek (Dutch immigrant) Dutch S2016.243.1 English
Immigration story of Sherine Saoud (Lebanese Immigrant) Lebanese S2017.132.1 English

The Welcome Home to Canada program provides paid work experience to new immigrants who are facing barriers to employment. Participants are employed at the Museum for six months.

Immigration story of Sam Riddell (English Immigrant) English S2016.300.1 English

This story was shared with the Museum June 21, 2016 by Sam Riddell.

Immigration story of Ruth Burbulla. (German Immigrant) German S2017.40.1 English
Immigration story of Raisa Prokopenko (Ukrainian Immigrant) Ukrainian S2016.231.1 English
Immigration story of Philip Gunyon (English Immigrant) English S2016.289.1 English

This story was shared with the Museum July 4, 2016 by Philip Gunyon.

On September 3, 1939 the passenger liner SS Athenia was torpedoed by a U-boat. She was the first ship sunk by a U-boat in the Second World War. SS Athenia was en route to Canada, but was only 250 miles off the coast of Ireland when the ship was struck. There were 19 crew members and 93 passengers lost.