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Title Date of Arrival Culture Related Ship Accession Number Language More Information
Memories of the SS Europa with Vincenzo Berlingeri April 1951 Italian S2012.273.1 English
Immigration story of Zohra Mawji (Indian immigrant) Indian S2016.227.1 English

Zohra was born in India, but moved to Africa and Pakistan after marrying her husband.

Immigration story of Wolfgang Bleichert (Germany immigrant) German S2016.352.1 English

This story was shared with the Museum by Wolfgang Bleichert December 23, 2015.

Immigration story of William Clark (English Immigrant) British S2016.440.1 English

This story was shared with the museum by William Clark's granddaughter Carly Naismith.

Immigration story of Walter Coldicott May (English immigrant) British S2016.371.1 English
Immigration story of Vittorio Polletta (Italian Immigrant) Italian S2016.226.1 English
Immigration Story of Violet Eleanor Hudon (English War Bride) British S2016.438.1 English

During the First and Second World Wars civilian, European women, married Canadian soldiers. Most of the women came from Great Britain, with fewer numbers coming from other European countries. These women are refered to as War brides.

Immigration story of Velta Cuncins (Latvian refugee) (No Restriction) Latvian S2016.282.1 English

Velta shared her story with the Museum April 15, 2016.

Immigration story of Valentin Lavrisa (Slovenian Refugee) Slovenian S2017.266.1 English