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Change a Life, Change Your Life

Linda Zambolin

Linda Zambolin (née Wilson) was a volunteer with the Red Cross Corps at Pier 21 from late 1963 or early 1964 until the immigration facilities closed in 1971. It was during her time as a volunteer at Pier 21 that she met her future husband Mario, who was a volunteer Italian translator with the Sisters of Service organization.

Click below to hear Linda reflect upon her Red Cross Corps volunteer experience at Pier 21 and how it has influenced her life.


Linda: You know, for me, [volunteering for the Red Cross] was, in many ways - especially, I think, because of my age and the amount of responsibility, it was really kind of life-changing in terms of the people you got introduced to. I had lived — my father was in the Service and we did a lot of travelling, but it didn't prepare me for the divergence of cultures and people you met there and, at the end of the day, you began to learn that, despite those variations, they were just the same as you were. They wanted the same for their children and, you know, they had the same aspirations and dreams as everybody else. It was, in that respect, for me at that age, it was really quite a significant experience. Yeah. And, you know, I think about it often, you know, even now.


Oral History with Mario and Linda Zambolin, 29 April 2002 (02.04.29MLZ)