Andrea Tsang Jackson Named as Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 2017 Artist-in-Residence

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is delighted to welcome Andrea Tsang Jackson as their Artist-in-Residence for 2017. Tsang Jackson is an emerging textile artist born in Ottawa, Ontario and currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Tsang Jackson holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from McGill University and a Master’s degree in Arts in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her work has been published in Uppercase, Flare, the Chronicle Herald, and The Coast: Halifax’s Weekly. She was the recipient of the Etsy Canada Award for New Talent in 2016.

During her summer residency at the Museum, she will collaborate with the public on THE “HERE AND ELSEWHERE” BEE. This project is inspired by the children’s storybook Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt by American-born writer Barbara Smucker. The author herself lived in Canada for twenty-four years of her life, a period when she published much of her work, including the classic Underground to Canada.

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New Temporary Exhibit at Pier 21 Showcases Art Created by Immigrant and Migrant Women

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is pleased to unveil Mosaic: Identity and Community Connection, a Community Presents exhibit by the Immigrant Migrant Women’s Association of Halifax, with a special event March 8 at 6 p.m.

The exhibit, a multi-media sculptural collaboration, explores identity from immigrant and migrant women’s perspectives and uses art as a tool for community building.

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Pier 21 to Host Rhythms of Life

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 and the Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute are pleased to present the musically uplifting Rhythms of Life on Saturday, February 18 at 1 p.m.. Rhythms of Life is a live musical documentary created by the Dartmouth world music group Moja Makani and Pamela Halstead, with narration by Troy Adams.

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