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[Black and white photograph of RMS Lady Rodney, 1929-1939 or 1945-1953 [No restriction] 1929 to 1953 DI2013.1654.1

[Donated to Pier 21, June 8 2015, by Hubert Hall.
RMS Lady Rodney was launched for Canadian National Steamships in 1929, one of five Lady Boats named for famous British admirals. She was the only one to survive the Second World War intact (her sister ship, RMS Lady Nelson, was sunk but salvaged). She was sold off in 1953 and scuttled in the Suez Canal during the Six Day War.

[Black and white photograph of RMS Berengaria at Pier 21, 1928-1937 [No restriction] 1928 to 1938 DI2013.1606.3

[Donated to Pier 21, June 8 2015, by Hubert Hall.
Seized from Germany after the First World War as reparations and sold to Cunard by the British government, RMS Berengaria was one of the world's most popular liners in the 1920s and 1930s. She was retired in 1938 after a series of electrical fires while docked in New York and scrapped in 1946.

[Black and white photograph of MS Nelly, 1949-1953 [No restriction] 1949 to 1953 DI2013.1657.1

[Donated to Pier 21, June 8 2015, by Hubert Hall.
MS Nelly began her life as the freighter Mormacmail, which was launched in 1940, then taken over by the United States Navy and rebuilt as USS Long Island, the first escort carrier. After the war, she was purchased by Canada-Europe Line, ferrying immigrants until 1965.

[Black and white photograph of MS Kungsholm approaching Pier 21, 1952-1964 [No restriction] 1952 to 1964 DI2013.1606.7

[Donated to Pier 21, June 8 2015, by Hubert Hall.
MS Kungsholm sailed with Swedish America Line from 1952 until 1964, when she was sold to North German Lloyd. She was renamed Europa until she was sold again in 1981. The ship was wrecked off Cádiz, Spain in 1984.

What Pier 21 Means to You and Me c. 1946 S2012.391.1 English

This story is an article that was published in Canadian Scene , a multicultural publication.

War Bride Poem by Hope Bridgewater (Museum use only) S2017.549.1 English

This poem, A Wentworth Valley War Bride, is the first in a series of three poems that Hope Bridgewater wrote in 2006 for the poetry contest for the Friends of the Wentworth Valley Heritage one-room school. The theme of the contest celebrated the Year of the War Bride.

During the First and Second World Wars civilian, European women, married Canadian soldiers. Most of the women came from Great Britain, with fewer numbers coming from other European countries. These women are referred to as War brides.

War Bond belonging to Ko Young, circa 1933-1944 (No restriction) c. 1933 to 1944 DI2013.753.2

[Donated to Pier 21, by William Young, July 30 2008.
William Young's father, Ko Young, was born in Kwangtung, China in 1895. He came to Canada circa 1914 and then spent time in China afterwards. Ko returned to Canada, arriving at White Rock, British Columbia on May 30, 1949.

Wall of Service Dedication Message for Robert Keith Giddens Canadian S2012.1916.1 English
Translation of a Letter by Jan Bouma Dutch S2012.942.1 English