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Title Date of Arrival Culture Related Ship Accession Number Language More Information
Immigration Story of Maria Romaszowa (Podlesny) Polish (Belarus) Immigrant Polish S2016.229.1 English
Immigration Story of Maria Do Rego-Fiore (Portuguese immigrant) Portuguese S2015.531.1 English

Maria's father travelled back and forth to Canada several times in the 1950s and 1960s before finally bringing his family over to stay.

Immigration story of Margarita Bruehler (Ukrainian Displaced Person) Ukrainian S2017.267.1 English
Immigration story of Linda Mosher (English Immigrant; child of War Bride) British S2016.351.1 English

Linda shared her story with the Museum May 8, 2016.

Immigration story of Lilla Vella (Italian Immigrant) Italian S2017.295.1 English
Immigration story of Kenneth Kirton (English Immigrant) English S2016.483.1 English
Immigration Story of John Morrow (British Immigrant) British S2016.489.1 English

John Morrow was the first accredited Consul in the British North American Colonies.

Immigration story of Jean Matthews (Irish Immigrant) Irish S2017.268.1 English
Immigration story of Janine Rhodes (English Immigrant) English S2016.301.1 English

This story was shared with the Museum July 17, 2016 by Janine Rhodes.