About Our Collections

Stories, images and interviews with immigrants and veterans are what breathe life into the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21’s research holdings. If you have a story, document or photograph you would like to add to our collections, please contact Jennifer Hevenor, Collection Manager  (Tel: 902-420-5209)

Oral History Collection

Capture your memories and preserve them for future generations. Our Oral History Collection is used by researchers, writers, filmmakers, school children preparing heritage projects, and families searching for the answers to their past. Recorded with the facilitation of an oral historian, the Oral History Collection is an important part of sharing the stories of Canadians. We are dedicated to capturing the memories of all immigrants to Canada, veterans, and Pier 21 volunteers and staff.

How to Participate

Please consider sharing your story with Emily Burton, Oral Historian, or Siniša Obradovic, Oral History Researcher.


The Image Collection

The images in this unique collection are compiled from sources such as the Sisters of Service, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Canadian national Railway, the Halifax Port Authority and the Allan S. Tanner Collection (images that show Canadian service personnel returning to Pier 21 in 1945). Also included are thousands of scanned newspaper clippings, immigration-related documents, and ship memorabilia. The majority of the original and digital images in our collection have been donated by individuals and families.

How to Contribute

If you have an image that you would like donated, or if you are looking for a picture to be reproduced in a book, film or project, please contact Jennifer Hevenor, Collection Manager (Tel: 902-420-5209)

Are You in One of These Pictures?

Photo credits:

Library and Archives Canada, First Division at Pier 21, 1939.

Identity certificate issued to Welly Tretjakewitch by the International Refugee Organization, 1949. Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 (DI2013.1469.13).

Doppenberg family during ocean crossing on board S. S. Ryndam, 1960. Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 (DI2013.1294.4).